Spider bite continued

Last nite I removed the scab that was basically asking to be removed after the evening cleaning. I carefully removed all of what seemed needing to be removed. The dark scabby mostly. It did not bleed much and not much puss. Actually no puss after the cleaning. It did leave a nice crater but not anymore than I would expect from a scab that size. Flesh underneith was pink until what think is the collagen formation before the scab covered the wound. I applied the thieves soak ball twice until it smarted then covered with the alo leaf till finally dabbing with triple antibiotic a bandage and bed.

Almost afraid I slowly pulled back the bandage this morning to see a nicely healing wound…i think.

I spent much of today with the alo bandage that I eventually just taped on to my leg from the relief it was providing. My instinct still says this looks good for the final day exactly 1 week after when I believe I was bitten.

On good advise I drew a circle around it to make sure it’s not growing. I can only do this around the large now way less red bullseye that has no fever at all.

Going to bed with triple antibiotic and bandage. Prior to the night before last I left it open at night. It has not been a pusfilled mess as I have seen plenty of around here. This whole time I feel like it’s looked expected or better.

To think that you are gonna get a bite from one of the notoriously scary poisnious devil made spiders with out at least a little scar is ridiculous and I would be a little disappointed to find out there has been no reason to fear them. But no, you absolutely should be at least respectful and diligently attentive to your surrounding if your gonna live in their habitat. And the bite is no joke. Dr most likely could have provided at least proactive treatments and pain medication. Like child birth, the pain is partially intentional to keep you off your feet, rest and let your body do it’s job.

Tomorrow will tell…

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