On the road again, sweet home Alabama to start

Isaac creek campground.  Beautifully nestled on the Alabama river and Isaac creek, amongst some other creeks.  Very quiet and perfect for fishing, relaxing, star gazing, and of course sunsets.

My site has a birds eye view of the island home of the legendary 16 footer.  I have so far only seen giant fisher king spiders as big as my hand.  I’m as agile as a cat when i almost face plant one of those.
There was no particular reason why I started here.  Just liked the location.  Most of my descions lately have been pretty whimsical and without much logic.  Just looking for a place to spend my day.

By my forth day, I found the water fall by the Lilly pond, a friend to teach my some catfishing skills using a trott line, drove a boat by myself onto a trailer, and gutted my first fish.

Worth the trip!!

Loners are usually lonely and have a lot to share.  The woods is full of loners.