Learning to live with so little

Embarking on this journey I was only expect g a week long trip in Florida and camping too, so I took only the essentials and the bare minimum. 24 days later with only 2 pairs of jeans, 2 pairs of stretch pants a few shirts and couple of dresses most clothes can walk on their own, thankfully I can spend most of my time barely dressed in the balmy hot Florida sun on the coast of the gulf of mexico right now.


Bought a bike right away and on the first 6 mile drive found the gears dont work.  Pawn shop bike is a pawn shop bike.  the gear shifter on the large gear is smakshed.  At least it is tuck in 2 and not 3 or 1.  good beach crusier, but not gonna be good for long distnacs.


Travelling with Steve brings another level of issues.  we now know we need a bike trolley he can ride in.  We have probably walked 20 miles at least in the past two weeks since the cars are all gone.  I have laerned to “hold it” for insane amounts of time.  saving grace is my house has a toilet :D.  Us



First solo trip just co-pilot steve

Left gamble park to head the quickest route to 98 around the gulf.  First left turn had to do a “36” point turn around on a tiny two lane road with sand parking space on one side and the river on the other.  Cheers and sneers on that one and a high whew for me.  Unscathed.

A 3 hour drive became 6 and I stopped at manatee springs.  With one full service left for the taking, walk up.

St. Augustine koa

Second trip following the good ole google directions I end up driving right through downtown St. Augustine.  And anyone who has been there knows its tight, super tight and I did cut it too close on a corner and run over the curb.  Thankfully I didnt hit any pedestrians.  This being a park and walk it kinda place was thankful and finally safely navigating the rest of the way to the KOA.

My home on wheels

26 ft classic style Winnebago. My first night in the parking lot of general rv where I purchased my new home.  The money pit in Ohio can wait till the weather is nice.  70 degree temps compared to sub 0…why go back this moment…  Time to investigate some greener pastures or at least sandy.