To Dr. Or not poison spider bite…

Sometime a little under a week ago I was bitten by a dreaded poison spider. Brown or black doesn’t matter. If you ever wonder if you were bitten by one of these gnarly suckers, it’s like a broken bone, you’ll know.

Starting day one, not knowing if it was a bite or just a wound, I put a thieves soaked cotton ball on it and went about my day. Changing out the cotton ball regularly and leaving it open to dry. At first it seemed fine at the sore but by end of day two lots of swelling down from my knee to my ankle. Not enough to go to the doctor, but enough to get me off my feet. Continuing the thieves regiment and adding intermittent alo plant like a bandage just peeling a layer of skin off the leaf and all swelling in my leg has completely gone with in two days. A large red bullseye formed by the end second day very swollen and warm to the touch. As I continue staying off my feet the poison in the bullseye is pulling up and through the scab that has formed. I’m not gonna lie this looks terrible. If I had no idea why I had the wound, I would be very concerned. Others who see if are also concerned. Actually half are concerned. Some have actually said it looks really good for a spider bite.

I started taking a picture the first day off my feet and now starting day 4 all swelling is gone, red bullseye still present and more puss. Actually looks worse but feels better. I’m trying to remind myself that it has to run its course and the healing often looks worse than the initial wound.

My friend smacked her head so hard she needed like 12 stiches. The day she got them she just looked like a good Halloween costume. 3 days later ,like my leg, she has a black swollen shut eye. Yep healing…

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