Healing from spider bite

Of course when I went to put my last giant bandage on over just the triple anitbotics, the bandage rolled just enough that I had to bail on the actual bandage and just used my taped on aloe bandage with some gauze to catch oozing.

To my surprise the next morning the wound had healed by gangbusters. Got some more bandages and am now on the third day of covered bite with aloe bandage under the big bandage. The aloe seems to be aiding in the wet bandage method and keeping the microbiologicals at bay.

I will post all pics once I’m closer to healed. At this point it’s a pink creater all of the scabby has sluoghed off. Continuing to stay off my feet is the hardest part. The bite being just on my knee on the right side of my shin muscle. It gets moved every time I walk.

Hopefully another full day and night with the bandage will show continued impressive improvement.

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