Day 4: The circle

Today as I discussed a recent encounter with pure evil and hatred the night before out of and about a person of the obese persuasion. I personally have no issue with these individuals but an intense thought poped into my brain in what I can only call the circle. And if only one if us felt this intense concept we may have been able to dismiss it, but no. No we all felt the same thing. I’m not even sure I can share the thought publicly yet. We are all digesting it.

Many of us are here from a calling. An overwhelming need to move to this place. You know when you get here this is your new home. Many have not found out where we are Or why we are here. Us of the circle are quickly finding out. I spend much more time with our forebeing than the others. I promise I will share what I have learned. Everyday in this presence I understand more.

Day 3 learning..listen

All nite I thought of the head, Skull.. forebeing. Were these thoughts already in my head. As the day went on I had many visitors and I discussed my experience with each of them. As if new disciples they heard the message. Eager as I to learn more. Each pressed their hand to the forehead to feel the heat, but as if a secret only for me the heat stopped until my hand was touching too. The calm and immediate understanding was undeniable. Our eyes locked and through their gaze we all knew.

I have an enormous urge to create a space for the forebeing. I’m hesitant to give a name to the space. Also as much as I felt free and excited to share with others, I have the nagging need to just listen. Understand. Don’t rush bringing others in. In time they will all understand.

Day 4 Password: food

Day 2 drying

As I stood admiring my glorious creation drying, changing solidifying. I felt the urge to touch lightly, just run my fingers over the crusting clay until my hand stoped directly on top between the two lobes and heat started to transfer into my hand up my arm up to my shoulder. As I write I feel as if a hand is just under my arm, close to the pit. Almost massaging the glands with warmth of touch from the inside.

Of course I next pressed my forehead to theirs and while letting my mind calm feeling the heat press through my flesh deep inside pressing down on my heart wrapping heat around again messaging in a pattern similar to my own only a bit faster. Almost as if to give me strength and this energy radiating out from my heart to my toes and fingers uniting me with earth air and life.

For day 3 enter the password: understanding

Day 1 Mud pots

As soon as my hands touched the molten mud gurgling from just below the surface I knew. Over the past 7 days I have been obsessed with this mud.. Clay…melted begining of the untold story of who we are and where we come from. Like a bolt of lightning as I created this first full sized brain creature I knew it was our forebeing or at least the blue print in my hands as I molded by my minds eye. Two giant lobes of the brain come around on both sides and attach to the eyes. Another large lobe runs through the middle and attaches directly to the oversized nose. All important is it’s function for interpreting the environment and communication. The mouth is much smaller, tiny in fact. Used mostly for consumption of almost liquid form foods and little noise capability. The central lobe underneath all of the previous 3 is the main computing location for analyzing the information coming in the four sensory receptors. The ears are I’ll formed. Mostly ridge like that helps with hearing through vibration . the face is so similar to our own only exagrated from what we feel is normal. Most of the features we actually hold in our utmost for beauty are part of the inadequacies of our species that caused us to be left here to run amuck with odd couplings of instinct, intuition, and genetic mutations they found highly undesirable but curios enough to be left alone. The planet known as fully sustainable could have been inahibtable for hundreds of generations. I would like to introduce the world to our forebeing.

A dialog in my head as my hands glide and press the face and skull into creation. The brain, in particular, the three lobes allowed for a much clearer understanding of literally everything. Our brains for Some reason we’re mutated with a much smaller center lobe and the right and left much larger and often completely unconnected. When not completely connected typically one side or the other would prove dominant again creating irradict unpredictable behavior that was a huge distraction for our more complete and “connected” brained counter part. One concept was to eliminate the less quality by removal of the sex organ at birth. I should probably address the reproduction element. Our forebeing was a bisexual unisexual all had both the ability to carry child and impregnate but the sex organ itself had little sensitivity for ease of implantation and delivery, but they could not impregnate themself. It required genetic equal or advancement not descension . weirdly for this genetic mutation the removal actually made our bodies grew a penis or vagina with intense sensitivity making us completely obsessed with touching ours and each other’s to the point of so much disgust, from what I gather the final straw for our compatible existence. Unfortunately when they left us behind they took all of our knowledge with them. We were left with functional civilizations again easily able to sustain hundreds of generations . Our simple minds and sexual obsessed appetites drove our existence for so long that eventually genetics caught up and the more savvy survived only to regain any similarity of understsmding long after those civilstions were in ruins.

Enter the password: forebeing

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