The length of the helping hand in slab city

Recently as a group was headed to our neighboring state Arizona, they came across immigrants in serious need. Legal or not 8 month pregnant momma, daddy and grandpa were in dire straights. The network of do gooders went into action and one of our most fearless took them to family across the country. Dodging it all to reunite a family just before a new life begins. This lawless distopia has a heart so big this family would have had a nightmare but ended in a dream.

Lifeless eyes of the seizure.

Many times in my life I have missed my dance with death. Today when my closest friend had full on seizure for one of the dozens of times but this was the first I saw nothing in her eyes. I held her spitting, sputtering, blue purse lipped face willing life into her eyes with mine. I could not fathom her gone. Her mind gone. This wasn’t gonna kill her. I knew that. But the lack of unconsciousness behind her eyes, the almost glazed over on the edge of never laughing, crying, complaining, cheering, singing, loving, or just being present; filled me with fear. A Fear for her, for me, for what happens when your brain fries, for where she goes and if she’ll come back.

Those moments of her flailing spasms are lost to her never to know what happens, but burned in my mind like senged smoldering wood on campfire never to be gone from my mind

Healing from spider bite

Of course when I went to put my last giant bandage on over just the triple anitbotics, the bandage rolled just enough that I had to bail on the actual bandage and just used my taped on aloe bandage with some gauze to catch oozing.

To my surprise the next morning the wound had healed by gangbusters. Got some more bandages and am now on the third day of covered bite with aloe bandage under the big bandage. The aloe seems to be aiding in the wet bandage method and keeping the microbiologicals at bay.

I will post all pics once I’m closer to healed. At this point it’s a pink creater all of the scabby has sluoghed off. Continuing to stay off my feet is the hardest part. The bite being just on my knee on the right side of my shin muscle. It gets moved every time I walk.

Hopefully another full day and night with the bandage will show continued impressive improvement.

Spider bite continued

Last nite I removed the scab that was basically asking to be removed after the evening cleaning. I carefully removed all of what seemed needing to be removed. The dark scabby mostly. It did not bleed much and not much puss. Actually no puss after the cleaning. It did leave a nice crater but not anymore than I would expect from a scab that size. Flesh underneith was pink until what think is the collagen formation before the scab covered the wound. I applied the thieves soak ball twice until it smarted then covered with the alo leaf till finally dabbing with triple antibiotic a bandage and bed.

Almost afraid I slowly pulled back the bandage this morning to see a nicely healing wound…i think.

I spent much of today with the alo bandage that I eventually just taped on to my leg from the relief it was providing. My instinct still says this looks good for the final day exactly 1 week after when I believe I was bitten.

On good advise I drew a circle around it to make sure it’s not growing. I can only do this around the large now way less red bullseye that has no fever at all.

Going to bed with triple antibiotic and bandage. Prior to the night before last I left it open at night. It has not been a pusfilled mess as I have seen plenty of around here. This whole time I feel like it’s looked expected or better.

To think that you are gonna get a bite from one of the notoriously scary poisnious devil made spiders with out at least a little scar is ridiculous and I would be a little disappointed to find out there has been no reason to fear them. But no, you absolutely should be at least respectful and diligently attentive to your surrounding if your gonna live in their habitat. And the bite is no joke. Dr most likely could have provided at least proactive treatments and pain medication. Like child birth, the pain is partially intentional to keep you off your feet, rest and let your body do it’s job.

Tomorrow will tell…

To Dr. Or not poison spider bite…

Sometime a little under a week ago I was bitten by a dreaded poison spider. Brown or black doesn’t matter. If you ever wonder if you were bitten by one of these gnarly suckers, it’s like a broken bone, you’ll know.

Starting day one, not knowing if it was a bite or just a wound, I put a thieves soaked cotton ball on it and went about my day. Changing out the cotton ball regularly and leaving it open to dry. At first it seemed fine at the sore but by end of day two lots of swelling down from my knee to my ankle. Not enough to go to the doctor, but enough to get me off my feet. Continuing the thieves regiment and adding intermittent alo plant like a bandage just peeling a layer of skin off the leaf and all swelling in my leg has completely gone with in two days. A large red bullseye formed by the end second day very swollen and warm to the touch. As I continue staying off my feet the poison in the bullseye is pulling up and through the scab that has formed. I’m not gonna lie this looks terrible. If I had no idea why I had the wound, I would be very concerned. Others who see if are also concerned. Actually half are concerned. Some have actually said it looks really good for a spider bite.

I started taking a picture the first day off my feet and now starting day 4 all swelling is gone, red bullseye still present and more puss. Actually looks worse but feels better. I’m trying to remind myself that it has to run its course and the healing often looks worse than the initial wound.

My friend smacked her head so hard she needed like 12 stiches. The day she got them she just looked like a good Halloween costume. 3 days later ,like my leg, she has a black swollen shut eye. Yep healing…