Slab stories this one’s a dozie

The quite handsome cowboyesk man comes in after having met me briefly the night before at the recently starting back up karaoke nite with a man child of a well known slab queen. He starts the slow conversation stating I’m not gonna bring that shit up with a slight nod. Intreguied I figured he was gonna spill it.

A couple of leading questions to his past brought out an odd conversation.

I met a woman in my 20s she was a love of my life. After incarceration a life on the run I meet a girl. A few times I must say. After a time I find out that love of my life had a girl. My girl. That girl was this girl. I also impregnated . my mind focuses on the words. Wait. Like complete insest .. He says… Yes. Tries to continue to make it ok. I was flabbergasted .

Slab stories why no teeth

After being on the road a while you notice the lack of teeth amongst the homeless. When did and how did and why did you lose all your teeth.

Well one individual described the reasoning and pain of the procedure. Started with on front tooth being knocked out and replaced poorly. That started a ripple effect of gum disease that eventually lead to the teeth being so week the expelled themselves whilst he eat some corn on the cob.

That was when the descion was made to extract the remaining teeth and go full denture. It took 3 weeks to extract all the remaining teeth and the dentist jammed the mold for the dentures in his bloody mouth after the last extraction for the pain meds.

My teeth grinding from the explanation this is not the first voluntary denture situation I have heard of. Invest in a tooth brush and floss

Day 2 of tweaker on the hill

My neighbor who was burned out by his pregnant girlfriends camp has finally been inhabited by a full blown brand new tweaker straight from Florida brought by her thoughtful tweaker daddy. I think she has now been here a week and clearly annoyed her daddy enuf for her to take up camp in the previous hippie bus village. The hippies moved in for the winter season, knowing they weren’t staying for the summer, some of my neighbors and I knew we needed to occupy before the tweakers got it for the summer. Well we are apparently too late.

Yesterday I listened to her non stop babble to some poor unsuspecting new slabber who is now gone. She’s been up all nite. Not sure how many in a row. Hopefully not the whole week.

Just as loud as yesterday squaking about finding this and that amongst the trash and burned left behinds of the last years vagabonds.