Mosquito trail

We bailed, but as I plummeted myself through the highland of a grove to rehabilitate a beach short cut that would have shaved a off an hour of our walk was a huge mistake.  As we blundered back through the mosquito infested and no seeums area when you hit the screen fence topped with barbed wire,who are they keeping out, I think my own mistake takes me back through the hell I have once been, again. Almost a metaphor for what’s to come

Living without auto.. Always use the carry basket at the store

You can pack a ton, or 50lbs in a backpack, if you aren’t paying attention and starving from the 3 mile ride there.  Loaded my backpack with the 5 lb bag of dog food, box of wine, 4 bags of nuts, hot sause, sausage, tea, box of milk… Didn’t seem like much till I hoisted it on my back,  a little tossel here and there, steady… Holy shit! Don’t fall over.  Oh and I did get a box of gs cookies on the way out.  Too cute to pass up and they watched my bike.

I weeble wabbled my way back to camp using every muscle balancing and watching the back tire now seem…flat.  Drudge, drudge, drudge the 3 miles back.

Damn that wine is good!!!