Midnight visit of my new friends

I hadn’t seen cereal killer mike for a couple days and last I heard he was having some troubles while he dropped off a wonderful sidebag full of treasures, so I was happy to see his sweet face all though nearly scared me to being my first bubba stick victim. We chatted for sometime on my new sunken sectional couch creationion surrounded by a raised floor currently referred to as the Larry Moe and curly of floors before Double Z showed up armed with puppies. Cereal killer mike is suddenly struck with an immediate need and question. Do you like am pm sandwiches. I’m thinking about the question and ask what that is as double a simultaneously say yes. Mike excitedly asked about ice cream. And both admittedly exclaimed yes. cereal killer takes off on his bike ill be back in 5 he holars.

Boincing, wrestling, pathetic attempts and growling and tiny squeals are all I hear as double z and I watch puppy wrestling and cereal killer is back with his bag of first bag dumpster dive after the sandwiches and the little Debbie snack cakes and of course ice cream. Banana split ice cream! We all three day and ate the dumpster spoils and the ice cream especially as if it were the first creamy taste on the tongue. Dribbles of ice cream everywhere eventually the puppies get their turn and the first taste of the creamy treat of ice cream

My first morning in slab city

Getting my bike together to go find land I hear chatter on the road, talk of water, canal, gibberish. I peek around my rv to investigate and it is a herd of retireds walking sticks in hand referring to me in a comment referencing the hills have eyes. My attention is quickly shifted to lawn chairs with parasails and little lawn mower engines fall from the sky, get themselves together and back in the sky.

First campmate

She rolled up just left her husband of 18 rolley polley years of turmoil wanting to make something of herself. At first I was open armed welcoming her into my hovel. Arms still wide I hear glimpses of promise mixed with constant dominant brainwashing blurps of doubt. My fearlessness gives her strength she says. I’m working on it. Trusting that I’m helping one who truly needs help and giving with no further expectation than a thank you. I barely keep myself from falling off the tracks. Maybe I have needed a new focus. Being the rock.

Interview by an instagrammer today

House of dots is coming along great. A month in and I get lots of complements and jobs well done. The dots are a huge success and now a prediction for a new style.

I think it is the color explosion that is really making it work. It makes me happy is what I hear the most. Just looking at it. Of course for the Instagram interview I did the whole floating apostrophe explanation.

My afternoon with Mike hunt

He loves that joke and old enough to remember porkys I found it funny too. For ever never to be known by his real name my adventure started with the desire to commandeer a boat…er ship on land in our near by delapatate beach town. I’m in.. Let’s go. A cheep bottle of wine, gass station pizza and some smokes for a picnic at an old train transfer and desert on the ship. Only I and Mike know both are owrs when the iron strikes.

The roads along the rail roads lead to roads in the channel and back to roads along the tracks the dizzying zigzag will make for difficult back tracking but the feet go where wheels can not. Cheers Mike and Bombay beach

My first free cookout at the blue church

Decked head to toe in yellow with flowers I stand in line for my burger. Making small talk with everyone as usual and a hearty hello to all around I was then almost hand slapped for thinking I could just reach for a bag of chips, what kind? Uh…cheetos. Next… Don’t touch the chips!… What kind… Next … Repeated to each of us. A smidge of lettuce then as usual ill take all the condums. Everyone else in front of me only asked for one but not all and I was the only one wanting mayo, but all I was allowed was about an eight of a teaspoon size. A titch more didn’t seem out of the question. Well beggars… Wait..

Soda, yeah. You get what I pull out has been utter a couple times in ear shot and I got root beer. My absolute least favorite. Can i… Before the words are uttered, NO.. I look at the next guy in line kindly offer my soda. A head shake no and I walked away.

Pete!! We love Pete. Found A seat and let the beggars can’t be choosey except you brought it to us invited us to a cook out only to treat us like savages.

Are those free clothes.. Off to the tables by my new best friend 76 year young spitfire spoting a green and white paisley jacket that I actually also own! A couple nice finds in the girls clothes and over to the free food. Some how we end up in a conversation about a black guy, you know he’s gay, then she says oh I know they all look the same, I responded with, the gays?

Handed a bag with what I thought was some food, but was mostly hygiene items also handy, not edible and missed my opportunity when asking for another bag of food…

Flaming rolls of toilet paper.

This all starts with the continued trials and tribulations of propane procurement with the attached tank scenario that I have on my current rv. I’m also surprised with the number of things that really require propane when no other energy source is available besides batteries.

My day Started with a long list of town tasks propane first on the list. Wow first stop closest walmart, propane fill up and cheep gas. On the right track. The cashier of course could not help with the propane so waiting for manager who slowly comes from the back and as if a contest to walk as slow as possible we make our way to the rig only for him to finally get to his long winded point that his nozzle is broken and nearly took his head off last time so nope and no idea where else you can get it as he like know one ever is from around where he works. Fine next gas was cheaper and hopefully propane… NO.. No they didn’t and even the actual propane station does it at all locations but the one 5 miles on down the already 10 miles out of the way excursion to finally end up at a Uhaul on the other side of town past the aldis I didn’t know they have.

So propane guy at Uhaul starts everything up and can’t seem to get any more than a half pound in. He explains it could be my tank, his hose, his nozzle, he doesn’t know. Sorry. Oh no. I am getting some propane. I show him some propane went in by lighting the burner.

Fine. He investigates the nozzle and notices a small piece of plastic. After a screw driver, a skewer, a cork screw and anything else I could find rummaging around my rv, he is able to remove the plastic, hook the nozzle and get the propane flowing. High fives we are finally getting somewhere and it’s only 3, ughhh. Day is mostly over but we got gas and propane. On to aldis for groceries then laundry then home. We are golden.

About 10 miles back I hit aldis. Taking my time got almost everything on my list including the biggest best value on toilet paper. I check out get no bags or boxes, you know if you have been to aldis. At the rv I just start throwing the groceries in, then I start putting stuff away. TP on stove and cans in the can compartment, tink, tink what is that smell, Fuck is that smoke. Oh my fucking god the fucking toilet paper is on fire smoking the place to high hell no water fucking water the pump is broken so with one hand I manage to get the door open and kick the flaming rolls of toilet paper into the aldis parking lot. I was super thankful no one was parked beside me.