laser cutting in Grand Isle

Seeing this contraption the first time it reminded me of a baby incubator and intimidating to say the least.

I was told it didn’t work. Well that was just a challenge. After a couple driver upgrades and software adjustments we were running some pretty basic stuff. My need to push the edge and valentines on the cusp, I wanted to do a basic heart. Back to my vector graphic skills that that are a bit rusty, I made a nice heart. That had a cute little attribute I didn’t expect but started a nice little token exchange.


It started with positive affirmations in an open heart. All my new friends on the island got one and some even got the extremely difficult monarch butterfly..


to these amazing creations in hearts or circles for the heart un friendly


Ive been asked for things more grand isle, even told the sea turtle will piss off the shrimp fishermen. /seriously?