Surviving slab city summer setting up the long awaited pool

A few posts back I explained the various ways I have stayed cool in the dreaded summer heat. With water the constant, misting and air hydration the goal, a pool … 10 ft round 2 1/2 deep pool is my solution this year.

Started with a couple weeks of building an area to accommodate the pool with shade and dust/ bug block. Only a couple of issues, aside from my own laziness.

Setting up the pool was not difficult. Very basic construction.

The filling of the pool ended up being the one giant hiccup besides dropping the staple gun in it with only 2 inches of water. Enough water not to start over, the pump needed repair after the first 2 inches. A day goes by and I managed to slice a nice inch long slice in the bottom as in slow motion I watched the staple gun jump off the table and into to the pool.

The patches sent with the pool do not work. So far the flexseal seems to be.

Finally get the pump going only to have the next load of water look worse than water out of a murky pond.

It seemed to clear, but each load of water was matched in annoyance till the end.

I stared at my full leakying murky pool as I am reminded by my friend he had 2 inches of sand in his after the first wind storm.

I laughed at the pool vacuum I saw… Second guessing that one now

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