Tv broadcasts in a desert zone

Working in the cellular broadcast tellecummications industry, I have a little better than average understanding of antennas and signals.

I will admit I’m a gulton for the boob box. The rolling display of media with no actual control other than the off button or a change of the channel. Terrible daytime tv that keeps the quiet at bay in the distance as you get stuff done. You don’t actually watch it, just have it playing.

On the road I have spent hours focusing a directional antenna toward broadcast towers for at best a few PBS stations, comet, charge,courttv and ion. Ion has disappeared since Texas.

In the slab city desert, you are a minimum 40 miles from any American broadcast. Its 4 directions of further distance you have to make choices. Also mountains could play a part.

Courttv, comet, and charge come out of yuma, I think. So does cw,fox,and abc, but not all the time. ABC, fox,NBC,and cw also come out of the Indio direction. But no charge, comet and court.

Recently purchased an old fashioned updated wire style antenna. I’m hoping to get all the channels.

Summer heat all projects take more time…

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