Recent photography class camp takeover

I see many crews of caravans with cameras. The slabs are littered with photographers ranging in talent from complete amateur beginner to published professional and now with the new influencers on every media platform distinguishing the former is impossible without asking.

“Are you the owner of this camp ?” Asked the leader of a caravan crew I had noticed in front of East Jesus. They did look quite professional with models,fancy big lights, filters and of course cameras. Difference from the usual big production there were way to many individuals with cameras all focusing on the same thing.

My answer, yes!

After a short conversation starting with, we can pay if…

Turns out it’s a photography class learning to take portraits. The only professional was the teacher and the closest to an influencer would have been maybe one of the two models, but really no one was here to take advantage of anything more than a personal photo, albeit may be a graded photograph.

All the students profusely showed their appreciation with thank you’s. Many gave donations amd bought art, so I was a little shocked to find out both East Jesus and salvation mountain turned them away with argumentative responses about formal requests for professional groups. I chuckled as the teacher again thanked me for allowing them an art explosion of a camp for the models to pose and cupped my hand with a nice final donation.

I am very excited to see some of these photos. And can’t wait to have more groups like this.

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