Midnight visit of my new friends

I hadn’t seen cereal killer mike for a couple days and last I heard he was having some troubles while he dropped off a wonderful sidebag full of treasures, so I was happy to see his sweet face all though nearly scared me to being my first bubba stick victim. We chatted for sometime on my new sunken sectional couch creationion surrounded by a raised floor currently referred to as the Larry Moe and curly of floors before Double Z showed up armed with puppies. Cereal killer mike is suddenly struck with an immediate need and question. Do you like am pm sandwiches. I’m thinking about the question and ask what that is as double a simultaneously say yes. Mike excitedly asked about ice cream. And both admittedly exclaimed yes. cereal killer takes off on his bike ill be back in 5 he holars.

Boincing, wrestling, pathetic attempts and growling and tiny squeals are all I hear as double z and I watch puppy wrestling and cereal killer is back with his bag of first bag dumpster dive after the sandwiches and the little Debbie snack cakes and of course ice cream. Banana split ice cream! We all three day and ate the dumpster spoils and the ice cream especially as if it were the first creamy taste on the tongue. Dribbles of ice cream everywhere eventually the puppies get their turn and the first taste of the creamy treat of ice cream

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