Flaming rolls of toilet paper.

This all starts with the continued trials and tribulations of propane procurement with the attached tank scenario that I have on my current rv. I’m also surprised with the number of things that really require propane when no other energy source is available besides batteries.

My day Started with a long list of town tasks propane first on the list. Wow first stop closest walmart, propane fill up and cheep gas. On the right track. The cashier of course could not help with the propane so waiting for manager who slowly comes from the back and as if a contest to walk as slow as possible we make our way to the rig only for him to finally get to his long winded point that his nozzle is broken and nearly took his head off last time so nope and no idea where else you can get it as he like know one ever is from around where he works. Fine next gas was cheaper and hopefully propane… NO.. No they didn’t and even the actual propane station does it at all locations but the one 5 miles on down the already 10 miles out of the way excursion to finally end up at a Uhaul on the other side of town past the aldis I didn’t know they have.

So propane guy at Uhaul starts everything up and can’t seem to get any more than a half pound in. He explains it could be my tank, his hose, his nozzle, he doesn’t know. Sorry. Oh no. I am getting some propane. I show him some propane went in by lighting the burner.

Fine. He investigates the nozzle and notices a small piece of plastic. After a screw driver, a skewer, a cork screw and anything else I could find rummaging around my rv, he is able to remove the plastic, hook the nozzle and get the propane flowing. High fives we are finally getting somewhere and it’s only 3, ughhh. Day is mostly over but we got gas and propane. On to aldis for groceries then laundry then home. We are golden.

About 10 miles back I hit aldis. Taking my time got almost everything on my list including the biggest best value on toilet paper. I check out get no bags or boxes, you know if you have been to aldis. At the rv I just start throwing the groceries in, then I start putting stuff away. TP on stove and cans in the can compartment, tink, tink what is that smell, Fuck is that smoke. Oh my fucking god the fucking toilet paper is on fire smoking the place to high hell no water fucking water the pump is broken so with one hand I manage to get the door open and kick the flaming rolls of toilet paper into the aldis parking lot. I was super thankful no one was parked beside me.

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