My first free cookout at the blue church

Decked head to toe in yellow with flowers I stand in line for my burger. Making small talk with everyone as usual and a hearty hello to all around I was then almost hand slapped for thinking I could just reach for a bag of chips, what kind? Uh…cheetos. Next… Don’t touch the chips!… What kind… Next … Repeated to each of us. A smidge of lettuce then as usual ill take all the condums. Everyone else in front of me only asked for one but not all and I was the only one wanting mayo, but all I was allowed was about an eight of a teaspoon size. A titch more didn’t seem out of the question. Well beggars… Wait..

Soda, yeah. You get what I pull out has been utter a couple times in ear shot and I got root beer. My absolute least favorite. Can i… Before the words are uttered, NO.. I look at the next guy in line kindly offer my soda. A head shake no and I walked away.

Pete!! We love Pete. Found A seat and let the beggars can’t be choosey except you brought it to us invited us to a cook out only to treat us like savages.

Are those free clothes.. Off to the tables by my new best friend 76 year young spitfire spoting a green and white paisley jacket that I actually also own! A couple nice finds in the girls clothes and over to the free food. Some how we end up in a conversation about a black guy, you know he’s gay, then she says oh I know they all look the same, I responded with, the gays?

Handed a bag with what I thought was some food, but was mostly hygiene items also handy, not edible and missed my opportunity when asking for another bag of food…

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