Final stop for the south west coast

On the road early after a night in Wal-Mart. My first adventure is this trail that goes along the old highway 1 bridge. Found a mimosas trees, one of my favorite!!


Ventura was the last real area to be able to just pull off the highway for access to the coast.

Ater that tons of construction. Many of the parking lots that I used when I used to live here were dilapidated with no entry at all. Areas with out no parking signs are often crowded, super uneven, right on the highway, or a huge drop off to the shoulder. When I lived there I knew exactly where all the spots were and would be able to slow down for them.

The beaches weren’t even all that spectacular and the traffic in the little towns becomes almost unbearable.

I found a rest stop just north of San Diego on the 5. It’s the only rest stop in quite a while on all highways and it was crowded!


he bottom of the country is way different then the top. The closer I get to the end of the 1 and even the 5 the more concerned I get about being able to turn around. I’m not that inclined to go over the border. Most times I have gone into an area in South Cal its been quite the maneuvering experience to navigate back out and often I don’t even try.

Exit 7, 6, 5 how close am I gonna go… Imperial beach. Let’s check it out.

I am immediately met with a no parking vehicles over 6 ft tall on public blah blah blah. I did however find an amazing bird sanctuary that borders San Diego. Easily parked, biked around the sanctuary and really enjoyed the last little bit of the southern western mostest I’m gonna go 😉

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