Welcome to the desert!!

Wow what a difference a mountain range makes! As I came out of San Diego city into San Diego County we switch to high elevation. The campground was at 2700. To the west the mountains were plush, green and vibrant the mountains to the east are less dense with more jagged rocks and more sand than trees. A storm rolling over the mountains cover the tops with clouds and dense fog.

The morning is quickly becoming afternoon and I decide to run to warmer elevation.

A winding drive through amazing terrain. Coming up on a bunch of cars near a huge pull off we spot a herd of desert big horn sheep. So fun!! I love spotting wild animals.

Near anzo-borrego dessert the trails start popping up one right after another and then the boondocking is on all sides up on the hills off In the distance and right off the road. I need to replenish my supplies before anymore of that, so on to the salton sea.

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