Franklin Springs, a place to soak

After my hike in big sur and my most enjoyable time watching the largest rookery of elephant seals during their early spring mating and birthing season. Hundreds of squaking, talking, yelling, hooping and hollering Seals I thought I was walking up on a party and it was a seal party. They wiggle and jiggle across the sand. Napping along the way, nursing pups and wresting males.

Sun has set and I need to quickly find a place for the night and a realize I’m also in hot spring country!!! Franklin Springs about 45 minutes away seemed like just the ticket. Up and over the canyon roads I remember from this area. Through a brand spanking new town to a eccentric old school hippie hot mineral spring!

The second night around the fire is when you learn the real story, or the story told as real.

Third generation still owns the land grand pa bought to try to find oil, he found hot water instead. He was 70. He was old, arthritic, grouchy and miserable till the day he fell in the water.

Next day he stated building a pool to contain the water from the gushing geyser. The pool was built to let the water spill off into what is now a large pond big enough for skis. There is also talk of relation to Ben Franklin and any other Franklin before the fire ends. Before long after the completion of the hot tubs and pool, people come from all around to soak in the magic mineral hot spring that cured cranking old Mr Franklin.

3 thoughts on “Franklin Springs, a place to soak

  1. Hi D. as this is your most recent post, I’m hoping you review the comments received. I (shane) was so very happy to meet and have a chance to talk with you at Corvina Beach today! I was hoping to continue our chat at Salt Creek, and I actually saw your rig parked up at the entrance (while I was down at the campsites doing my cleanup things; but, was sad to see you drive off south without pulling down the park access road 😦 I’m not sure how much of this posting is ‘public’ so I’ll be very careful with what I say (privacy concerns, you know!). I scanned through some of your selfies and your postings through CA along Hiway 1 (been there, done that!) So much of what you wrote brought back memories, especially about Pt Reyes and the twisty road and the Golden Gate Bridge and traveling through SF! Your rig is ‘easy’ compared to what I went through hauling a 29′ 5th wheel!
    Suffice it to say, I’d very much like to hear back from you and hopefully keep in touch, if you feel the same way! As I (kick myself) for not giving you my contact info, so, please snail-mail me at the Park address (remember the big blue sign for the HQ/VC) and let me know your contact into … just put my first name and it’ll get to me!
    Thank You! … and, even if I don’t hear from you, it was well worth it to spend what little time we had today … though, of course, I’d luv to spend more! … Happy Trails and Travels to You!!! shane.//

    ps. after I wrote the above, I saw I’m ‘required’ to provide my email address … so, hoping to hear from you!


  2. Hello D.
    Unfortunately, I didn’t see your reply until well-after you had left Salt Creek; I was hoping to have a chance to talk with you again 🙂 Hope to hear from you, please send reply to my email. thank you. S.//


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