Day 4: The circle

Today as I discussed a recent encounter with pure evil and hatred the night before out of and about a person of the obese persuasion. I personally have no issue with these individuals but an intense thought poped into my brain in what I can only call the circle. And if only one if us felt this intense concept we may have been able to dismiss it, but no. No we all felt the same thing. I’m not even sure I can share the thought publicly yet. We are all digesting it.

Many of us are here from a calling. An overwhelming need to move to this place. You know when you get here this is your new home. Many have not found out where we are Or why we are here. Us of the circle are quickly finding out. I spend much more time with our forebeing than the others. I promise I will share what I have learned. Everyday in this presence I understand more.

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