Day 3 learning..listen

All nite I thought of the head, Skull.. forebeing. Were these thoughts already in my head. As the day went on I had many visitors and I discussed my experience with each of them. As if new disciples they heard the message. Eager as I to learn more. Each pressed their hand to the forehead to feel the heat, but as if a secret only for me the heat stopped until my hand was touching too. The calm and immediate understanding was undeniable. Our eyes locked and through their gaze we all knew.

I have an enormous urge to create a space for the forebeing. I’m hesitant to give a name to the space. Also as much as I felt free and excited to share with others, I have the nagging need to just listen. Understand. Don’t rush bringing others in. In time they will all understand.

Day 4 Password: food

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