Glass beach trash to treasure

Found glass beach which is why I was in fort brag. I had been told of this place. When I looked on line it says the beach is closed, but I found a trail head parking that ended up being what everyone thinks is glass beach. As later come to find out with almost all beach access in northern California, no RVs!! I pull in and as I pull out my phone to look for some alternate parking the police show up to make sure I saw the sign. I told them I did and is there somewhere else i can park. He points to the road and says on the side of the road up there. Highly uneven roadside dirt parking, thanks.

Make my way to the beach. It is all glass as they say it is going to be. like the agate beaches but all tiny pieces of broken glass with pottery and other hardy trash items. This used to be a landfill. This is what is left. People come from all over to see this and pick up pieces. With the recent storms the glass had been covered with fresh sand along with the holiday weekend and the scavengers. I picked up a couple of pieces and chatted with some strangers.

On the road again the other reason to be in fort brag, cheep gas. Dont know why, but at least 50 cents cheaper than anyone else for the next 200 miles.

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