First road side overnighter Point Reyes

Soooo did not do this on purpose. Between no service, no place to stop, no service when there is a place to stop, fog and then finally blinding darkness I had to make the call. I plowed through a good portion of northern California. Upside is I ended up point reyes station, right next to point reyes national seashore, my next must see.

At this point the 1 has been a terrifying driving nightmare. I barely get over 30 mph for 90%. I love the 55 mph signs in front of the 30mph curve sign, but 15mph curves are the really good ones. Sometimes the tilt on the rig really feels like it’s gonna flip. These are the moments you might see me eyes and mouth wide open completely petrified. The shoulders on the roads are non-existent for the most part. Mostly the white line and the edge of the cliff and the edge of the world are the same thing. It seems going south is worse. Going north you are on the inside more often, but that just is an opportunity for a limb to side swipe you or clock the windshield. I was really hoping the first 30 miles, that weren’t as bad as the next 200, were the worst of it. Then you have the hills. Straight up, angles I didn’t think were legal only to come down the same angle and throw a curve in it. So at 11 pm with intermittent fog and blind darkness I parked.

Completely paranoid about parking on the side of the road, I woke up before sunrise to move to the welcome center of the Reyes national seashore. They had a nice trail head there, of course in the darkness I pulled in the wrong way and didnt see the rv/trailer parking and ended up headed out,arghhh. All good, lets do our orginial first plan north beachparking and work our way down.

Finally made it to the first real parking I could find and what A FIND. Beautiful sunrise walk over the marsh to the sand dunes by a lake to the beach. seriously amazingly beautiful!!!










I started the walk with a herd of little hen looking birds taking over the trail, then some small brown birds and red wing black birds, herons, a peacock nesting, and the singing, oh the wonderful sounds of morning bird songs. The sun cusping over the mountains in the distance and warming my back. Ahhh mornings like this Make a day!!

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