Wild Bananas edible or not?

There seems to be a mixed consensus on the edibility of these wild bananas that grow in southern coastal Louisiana.  I decided I would have to try them for myself.  For the most part I found the green ones inedible no matter how I prepared them.  I tried boiling them like the Jamaicans, grilling them and even just plain.  Not tasty.    But if you let them completely ripen to past what I consider edible for the traditional banana with brown spots and such, they become sweet and tender with just a little al dente bite in the middle almost like a just ripe traditional banana with a little green still on the end.  My favorite banana now.  Cant wait till next year when all the banana trees come back after the first freeze down here in years killed most of them.  Good thing is they will come back I just have to have patience.



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