Farming in Grand Isle??

Farming as in Oysters farms.  One of my all time favorite foods in the world and this being the place in the world best known for oysters how could I turn down an invitation to see a real oyster farm with some brand new techniques being used down here.  I climb onto the “party barge” as it was named with the Executive Director of the port commission and his trusty side kick.  We zipped around the Caminada pass between the main land and the island the fog was think and the waters were a little rough.  There was actually a “Fogbow” as we termed it in the sky.


these oyster farms on a few acres of water ways in the Caminada Pass suspend from the surface in large barrel like structures.  The Oysters are turned every day by the farmers making them grow faster and more plump.  Using three-chromosome variety grown from seeds that can not reproduce the farms have more control over the final product.

The are wonderful oysters.  The shells are a little more brittle and that make them hard to shuck for even the most experience shucker.



After a couple minutes on a grill they an be shucked pretty easily by me a complete novice.  they are salty, plump and delicious!!


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