Learning to love the scariest of what nature has, the desert has them all.

One of my biggest fears has been of a cold black widow or brown recluse finding sanctuary in my soon to be worn clothes and unknowingly dressing. Well it happened. Not one of the dangerous ones, but a camel spider was chilling out on my sarong when I wrapped it around myself. The number one rule, shake all clothes, was not followed. I tied and retied, then wrapped to a skirt before I realized she was there. Trying bite me with her giant sized mandible mouth pinchers were just to small to do more than draw my attention to her. I pinched her in my skirt till she was out the bottom. From my hip to the ankle I didn’t know what was in my fingers. It drops to the ground writhing angrily chomping trying to bite. I scooped her in a jar and looked at her closely. Scary!!! Looks like a cross between a spider and a scorpion. This one was about an inch long.

After a little research she is added to the list of my well respected insect friends. Not aggressive but there need for shade makes them appear to chase things when they just want to sit in your shadow. At night the are extremely attracted to light. Maybe because their food is hanging out in the light.

They are not scorpions or spiders regardless of their common names the camel spider or the wind scorpion. They are neithet. They are just a super creepy looking arachnid of its very own.

I’m now slightly obsessed with them. Not afraid. They can bite, but have no venom and they can run 10 miles am hour!!!

Check out my latest Instagram to see!

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