Drug indused psychosis, signs

One of the well known rumor/ truth is the ramped drug use in slab City the worst of them “meth” being the most destructive.

I have seen this pattern more than once now and am convinced it is real and spells death for many here.

Often these individuals have a chemical mental imbalance of some kind to start with and are sometimes self medicating. Trying things till one fills the void, rights the ship, feels more normal, feels better than normal even to the point of a shot. Shot in the body with the medication with no doctors order or concern of affects, or those are quickly blinded by the delight of the intense explosion of warmth, calmness, fulfillment,or self worth that calls you back until your view of reality has shifted to a quasi dream state with thoughts of grandeur, importance, out landish tales woven quite tight in the swirling mind of the drug indused physchosis.

The mild ones are easily dismissed with some entertainment by the tales, but some keep going and don’t come back. Their mind is stuck. At a certain point the things they say are so out there. They want you to commiserate their thoughts but sadness overcomes my thoughts knowing it’s hard to come back from there.

Many deaths happen here in the relentless summer months, most from the continual use of the shot method of drug use. It’s so fast, so intense, so right how can it be so wrong. Many become full blown advocates for it.

The damage, death and destruction of some truly beautiful souls has been witnessed here and will continue. My only hope is my friend I once wished ill will for actions I now know we’re based in her own self insecurities and not my power and strength, doesn’t fall all the way down the rabbit hole. She is close. Questioning all aspects of reality and free will, claiming thoughts are being put in her head and others are talking through other people. Seeing signs and communications in the most mundane things. I have seen it before and hope she can grab the life raft.

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