LSD dosed water bottle

Every so once in a while the guests of the slabs bring drugs to share psychedelics of the most common besides weed and beer.

Today was one of those days. Being accommodating he asked to put it some water or something for me.  Uh sure I have this bottle of water. My camp is littered with water bottles this time a year. Thinking he would do the whole bottle, possibly not knowing better. He advises I drink down to just some left in the bottom. Couple good swigs left.

He politely and delicately doses the bottle 2 specific drops on my advise. I rarely do more than two tabs.

The couple leaves I walk back to my shady cool spot, set the bottle on the table to realize I have about a half dozen equally empty water bottles on the table… … … Immediately I can not remember which one is the dosed bottle.. Well that will be a fun day.

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