Olympic Peninsula Day 2 NorthWestern Corner

First I want to mention that often I am petrified of the trek I have planned for myself. Unfortunately the ends of the world are not usually easy to get to. The journey from la push sent me back to forks. Stupid maps. I was literally going in the exact opposite direction and it’s all, yep right on track ? ! ? As I started to pass the timber museum in South forks I stopped. I now had this on my list of things to go back to anyway form a trail map I found in La Push.

After the morning hike up and around the forks nature trail, I stop in the visitor center and get more maps and tips on the 112 highway. The advise is to avoid the eastern portion past 113. Again we will just have to see which way I go.

The stretch from la push to clallam bay was pretty and easy. Once on the 112 it was tight, winding, trees horizontal just off the road, steep cliffs to rocks below, and all in between. A wonderfully beautiful white knuckle drive. I LOVE EM!! worth it every time.

Neah bay is cute and slow 25 mph all the way through.

The Cape flattery hikes are absolutely worth the additional 6 mile trek and half mile or so hike. Stay on the path if you can. So many little off paths so well traveled who can say what’s the “path”.  Knowing you are at the edge of the US is such a surreal feeling and a corner edge is even cooler.

The drive back down 112 was much easier, I even stopped at a few overlooks.  I saw a seal dancing on the rocks just off the road.  It is amazing how close you are to the Straight of Jaun De Fuca with Canada just on the other side.

I’m super excited I decided to head on down to lake ozette even though it was almost completely dark when I got here. I missed the left turn for the camp ground and ended up in just the regular parking. After walking back over to the camp ground with my flash light I was again glad at how things worked out. The bulletin board and the one way road entrance were flooded as well as most of the sites. I’ll investigate that and the trails I came for at day break. Scary boondock night ahead.