Slab stories this one’s a dozie

The quite handsome cowboyesk man comes in after having met me briefly the night before at the recently starting back up karaoke nite with a man child of a well known slab queen. He starts the slow conversation stating I’m not gonna bring that shit up with a slight nod. Intreguied I figured he was gonna spill it.

A couple of leading questions to his past brought out an odd conversation.

I met a woman in my 20s she was a love of my life. After incarceration a life on the run I meet a girl. A few times I must say. After a time I find out that love of my life had a girl. My girl. That girl was this girl. I also impregnated . my mind focuses on the words. Wait. Like complete insest .. He says… Yes. Tries to continue to make it ok. I was flabbergasted .

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