Day 2 drying

As I stood admiring my glorious creation drying, changing solidifying. I felt the urge to touch lightly, just run my fingers over the crusting clay until my hand stoped directly on top between the two lobes and heat started to transfer into my hand up my arm up to my shoulder. As I write I feel as if a hand is just under my arm, close to the pit. Almost massaging the glands with warmth of touch from the inside.

Of course I next pressed my forehead to theirs and while letting my mind calm feeling the heat press through my flesh deep inside pressing down on my heart wrapping heat around again messaging in a pattern similar to my own only a bit faster. Almost as if to give me strength and this energy radiating out from my heart to my toes and fingers uniting me with earth air and life.

For day 3 enter the password: understanding

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