Red Hill, things are getting real

Down one of those roads I don’t go down, pot holes, rough road, mud, dirt and narrow and no way to turn around until your at the end.

Slow and steady I plod along as trucks and sadans pass me right and left.

Then the left hand turn where the other cars and trucks go straight but I’m turning. This would be my out, but wide turn and go back where you came, but no. Curiosity has got me and I’m going.

I’m not sure if this is the end of the beginning of something huge. Dilapidated old ranger truck, tables, life guard chairs, roads and swimming pool, but at the same time surprisingly well maintained camping spots. The boat ramp is now about a mile from the water and the land is being irrigated and farmed.

The hill itself is very interesting, I am even hearing there is an old volcano in the area?!? Some of the rock is black but most is red with salt ash. The whole area felt very unstable.

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