First side road all nighter with questionable legality…

Super excited my day ended just before the last 13 miles or so of big sur on a pull off for the handful of national hikes that I luckily happened onto after having just had finally a super enjoyable stretch of the 1.

I just made my dinner, have no service, no radio stations, no tv, no nothing, but the ocean waves crashing down blow the clifs and frogs, crickets and owls bring rhythm to the night.

My day Started in a Wal-Mart at 6 am ready to hit the sunrise at marina beach state park. I guess 6 am was a little early for the gate guy, also ended up being a good thing. With no traffic I U’ed it around to 6 nice parallel parking spots right in front of the park and the on ramp to 1 South. Time to make coffee.

Coffee, phone, and binoculars I stumbled on a cute dune path to the far south side of the beach and all smiles walk back down the beach. I think I was literally singing all day.

Met a Fisher boy right away on the beach and quick hello. Next a longer conversation with another fella, then a quick good morning with another smiling woman just starting her walk and finally for marina beach casual conversation the park employee with great info about what lies ahead.

Still early and I’m on my way to spot two. Pulled off and completely rearranged my house. When the moment strikes and you have such an amazing view.

On the road again, I got a bunch of the California sweet only to encounter her sour which is the condition of route 1. Can’t blame anyone the sea wants the sand back and it’s under the road.

I caught what I will now refer to as my road eddie. A pull off just before the cute town that up till now I have only gotten to drive through after missing some parking and then there not being anymore and the town is in rearview.

Adorable!!! Big sir bus cafe. An old stop back in the day, but it has had a fire, a flood, a road wash out and now new owners. All the old artists are gone but the guys painting the old bus, a published illustrator, and the gallery artist. Chatted it up with the illustrator, and the gallery artist, both amazing and we traded art for trinket. Enjoyed an ice cream with another happy musician artist and also finally said hi to the Canadian guys who rented two mustangs in L.A. to drive the 1. I ran into them on my pull off once before then passed them two or three times videoing each other. Fun. Everyone today was just so fun.

As I grip through the last half of the 1 through big sir I see another pull off and again working out today for a ravine climb and hike to cliff top for the sunset. Halfway over to the cliff I meet the national parks worker who told me of the hike on the other side of the road. 13 miles total, but only 2.5 to the dead pine trees is maintained. I asked if its worth it to do it. He said absolutely. On his word he wouldn’t say anything I can stay in the pull off for the night, he can’t speak for the cpd but I’m taking my chances.

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