Third times a charm… Golden gate Bridge.

Not exactly a charm, but unforgettable for me and maybe for some folks paying attention.

We love Google maps, but when you make a mistake there isn’t exactly anything your gonna do with a 26 foot long 12 and half foot tall vehicle when you realize your doing it wrong… .. ..

After the wonders of the end of the first segment of the 1 South bound prior to San Francisco I had directions to an over nighter rest stop with a view of the good ole golden gate Bridge. Big, huge, ginormous mistake. It was the north bound rest stop. And probably one of the biggest tourist attractions in the US on a Saturday morning about 11 am with an apparent bike a thon I tried not to slaughter during various segments with me down the 1 and across the bridge. At least the bridge had a bike lane.

Get off on ext 4.. Something, basically the next exit off the bridge after the toll and right past $5 parking to the left back on 1 over the bridge north bound.. Wait… No…. Fine. Enjoy it. It’s the golden gate Bridge. Now it says take exit. No number just exit. Somehow there was a space. Actually 4 at the end of the parking just before you leave across from the bus parking/no rv parking and I could even leave room to get out. It was free parking. And the connection point to walk across the bridge. You go on the south bound side for bikes. Im almost an expert on it now. ;).

Getting back around was thankfully easy. Don’t even have to merge just follow right off and on the exit under the tunnel? I know I there are tunnels everywhere too. Back over bridge and through toll. You don’t stop, so the bill I guess is coming. I’m a little scared. At least parking was free. Sniker.

Sad thing is the bridge is not gold or particularly petty and the view from this direction was terrible. It’s bouncy going over, too. Biking over might have been fun, but not on a Saturday.

Found gas for a reasonable price down the road, so that’s plugged in the map and ready. Take exit 4… What, no, Damn.. I’m not going back over that bridge again, so in a panic against my maps wishes I went straight. Mistake number 3… 4 lost track. I’m barely hanging on as I navigate Lombard, I think, along the bay past tons of go right, go right, no truck, stay out, finally make a right navigate an even tighter road with cars parking angled out to fit more cars, but car butts at varying lengths, yeah.

Finally 1 south straight head, don’t do anything just straight, yes!!

Next 12 miles to the gas station on Kelly rd and the 1. Tiny place on a corner with a light. I had to go around the block the come in from the other direction and hope the two filling were leaving and no one else had turned in, took way longer to turn around with a school and more cars parked at angles and no truck signs, back to Kelly, finally. And my luck again holds out on this at least, I slid right in. We are talking between 60 cents to a full dollar difference and I was putting at least 150 in. I apologized and smoothly got out and headed back south. Next stop a beach…

Montara beach to be exact. Beautiful, clean and more sand drawings!

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