First day in California

Stayed at the walmart in crescent city, again with the no parking, but parking is ok. First stop national and state park visitor center, no, closed. All the state info is shut down, so no map. Signs will have to do.

We hit crescent harbor overlook and then on my way.

Found the tourist trap tour thru tree. Loved it. It wasn’t open, but you could walk up.

Next stop was the kuchel beach and visitor center. Again closed. Beach was ok. Nothing spectacular, but some nice sneaker waves. Totally soaked me from the waist down while trying to get waves crashing on the rocks.

Some crazy construction on many of the high view points.

And then the fun begins. I decide to stop in Trinidad. Quite a few rv places and after boondocking for a few nights I was ready to plug in.

I mistakenly took Patrick point rd. It seems to go by most of the rv places. I pass the first one based on the 10 speed bumps in the turn in. Then the road seems to literally fall apart as you drive on it. Not much notification on the camps, and I can’t exactly take my eyes off the road. The edge is barely there. I thought I was mapped to at least one of the rv places, but no it was the boat ramp/not really beach access down hills where I really thought I was going ass over head. Almost crying I just turn around and get out of Trinidad, blowing past the rv camp on the next exit that takes up most of the center of town. On that note, if you just take that exit into Trinidad, it’s actually a really cute town.

Finally a nice pull off down the road a bit to recoup and gather thoughts at the Vista point on Hammond trail. Met some nice folks watched some seal lions and found out about the avenue of giants!!

As I head south in search of the avenue of the Giants with no idea if this is a turn off, a private road, a park, a sign. At 55 barely caught it, something about 28 miles ahead I think. Keeping track of the mile markers I keep an eye out for more signs.

Thankfully there is a huge sign for it and other than the low bridge (14′) looks good. The first pull off had info, a map, and an audio download if you wanted.

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