My day of the Oregon coastal beach trails

A wonderful morning waking to an unexpected agate beach at the ophir wayside rest stop just down a tiny trail. Filled my pockets with little treasures. I miss the views on these mornings starring at ground as all the colors pass one by one and the echo of the waves crash one after another hearing the little rumble of the rocks as they clank into each other rolling back toward the sea.

gold beach was just a few miles on down the way, felt compelled to stop. 2 miles to the info center but 1 mile past all the really cute shops. Most towns are not super rv friendly. The info center was on a huge hill,I parked at the top. Was told of the scenic corridor coming up. National Geographic made a special on it.

I had already planned on Cape Sebastian and wow that’s a trail. It’s been difficult to stop at as many Trailheads as I have wanted, and the info center gals had said not to go all the way to the… I really should write this stuff down. Wasn’t expecting an up and down situation, good thing there was side road parking in the middle, not advised. In fact, this whole road for an rv was terrible. Straight up and down inclines. It is a tumbling nightmare in more ways than one.

Good thing the trail was amazing!! Terrifying hights on narrow passages where the slightest miss foot will send you to the bottom a lot faster. A pretty steady descent I wish I knew the altitude I have gone up and down the past few days. It was at least an hour hike down, down, down.


Sebastian wasn’t enough, I did three more bun blasting trails after that.

Looks like arch rock, but the next one is arch rock.

Whale rock above and below.

This one is house rock.

Start of the 18 mile trailhead for the scenic corridor. And then your first obstacle, cross that river…

Im seriously considering ditching the rv and going full hiking and do one of these coastal trails all the way through.

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