Sand dunes in the rain

Yet another rainy day driving down the Oregon coast. And right away I am met with sand dunes ahead. I drove at least an hour in the dark making morning a surprise. Apparently I missed Thor’s well on the way through as well as a seal cave. Arghhhh night driving!

Probably wouldn’t have stopped. Without a co pilot or at least a little advanced planning, I’m still hesitant to go where I don’t know the out. Most of the time it’s ok, but it’s not ok enough… Might have gone for the Thor’s well but probably not the cave.

Ended up in another casino. Didn’t even bother with gambling. They let you park free one night anyway.

Well sand dunes and rain were on the menu today and it totally brought out the inner child or crazy kitten. Lost the trail immediately to all the eyes can see dunes, up and down and around the end of the trail pops into view here and there. I literally ran, skipped and twirled around with the light rain and sand.

As I come through a more lush green area I see giant animal foot prints, really hoping they are not cat, as in large cat, like cougar, mountain lion them I see some little deer prints. In my head a chase has ensued and finally what looks like the catch. Concerned I should turn back, I still forge ahead. A couple admiring the ocean as it all comes into view from around the dunes again to have another head pop out. A huge saint Bernard. I was elated to see a dog that size. My fears of the giant deer eating cat were put to rest.

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