Casino night!

Another windy day along the Oregon coast. Wet driving, but I still stopped, well had to usually, at all of the viewpoints. Now that I feel better about high winds. Read up and found silly after. Never thought about the wind the rv endures just travelling. Apparently under 40mph you should be ok. That doesn’t stop the rockin’ and bouncin’. I just try to enjoy it and have faith in my rig.


I have been told casinos are a good place to bed down for the night and with a wet afternoon in sight seemed like a good call. It’s motto is “it’s better at the beach” that you can see from all the lounges.

Not that familiar with the process I lost my complimentary $5 immediately in the over complicated slot machines and only earned 4 of the 20 points I needed for a free stay. As the guy handed it to me and says you would have to have some pretty bad luck for it to cost more than 10 bucks. Not exactly off to that kind of a start.

Blackjack and another 5 of my own I sit for 45 min or so and rack up 150 points. That must be how I do this. Hindsight. Stop when I get to 20 point and cash out my credits before I go on the final losing streak that we all know you end up on when you start with 5 bucks.

With the winds howling, rain pounding on the roof and a distant engine this will work for tonight. Can’t wait to check out the town and beach in the morning light… Fingers crossed.

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