Nehalem bay state park 1 nighter

Sitting in line at the dump station I am woulda shoulda coulda the shit out of this stay. Forgetting It was rainy and windy (30mph) coming around the first beautiful cliff top drive Oregon is known for and blood nearly shot from my knuckles as I held on for dear life, heart pounding all the way in my ears, dizzying from the hight as I had to sit waiting for construction on the most highest point my rig swaying back and forth. Finally she flips to slow only for this all to be compounded by a downhill break-fest on top of the winding, windy, wet roads. ahhhhhhhhhhhh. First stop or turn off I see I’m stopping. I pull off to hear your honks of encouragement and thanks for letting you pass. While I strangle hold the steering wheel desperate for a place to honker down for the day and night closest state park, Nehalem bay.

This is a huge park. I kinda want a horse now that I have seen several parks with horse quarters. These are super cute little pens by each site. A trail to the beach with camping and trails out to the jetty.

There is also a 2 mile bike loop that goes around the airport and airport camping… Yep! Second airport on my trip down the coast.

With hiking on the beach and bay side even with sideways rain I blundered my way down the trails wonderfully satisfied with the wind and rain and the sand blowing intricate designs there and gone with each gust.

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