Olympic Peninsula Day 3 Mostly Ozette

20 miles from town and no service definitely the scariest boondocking yet.slept great and woke with the sun Excited to get on my hike. The tide was perfect, low tide will coincide with walking up the beach. I took the Cape trail to start. They are not kidding about it being slick, only fell once, but many close calls. Some campers pointed me to the old ranger station and Indian Memorial. Worth the extra 1/2 mile or so walk.

Headed south toward sand point beach. The other campers were headed that way later in the day. There is little to guide you a long the way. Hazard warning signs help you around during high tide, which I would not recommend, to higher land.

Found so many petroglyphs, literally stumbled onto them. I was thinking they would be on the rock wall, but no they have fallen to the ground and lay among the other rocks.

It is very ruff walking in the rock, it moves worse than sand and trudges along. The Eagles, osprey, herrings, and so many other birds soar over head darkening the beach and perfectly polished stones of every color. Stumble over more rocks. Under fallen trees and eventually you come to hole in the wall. Obvious when you see it. About there was when I started to worry about missing the trail back from sand point. I realized I didn’t know what sand point looked like…how far I had gone…fudges!!!!

I saw footprints. Yes. Awesome going the same way. Then I saw a bear print, deer, human, and dog. Bear prints head up into the woods, and I carry on seeing human prints to keep me feeling im on track. That and the hazard signs.

Eventually you do come to a huge sandish point with a huge grass covered rock with a clear trail to the top, at least 60 ft high, maybe more hard to say. Scary and beautiful!!

The trail head is actually before that rock and really not that obvious. Look for that black and red sign. Buoys in the trees.

The final leg back was exhausting. I consider myself in great shape and this hike was a doozie. I forged ahead oogling the beauty trying to take in all the wonderfulness. Even with a final downed tree covering a huge portion of the trail sending you in to the overgrowth so easily to lose direction, it was amazing and 100% worth the whole loop.

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