First two weeks of first host job with driftwood rv in copalis beach.

Starting the week of Thanksgiving was quite a bustling experience. The camp ground has a number of monthlies or extended stays and the hosts put on a full Thanksgiving dinner. 5 turkeys with all the fixings for 40 or so people. We ended up with a lot of pies and most of them pumpkin.

I spent the actual holiday week end with my son and gf in wonderland, I mean Bellvue, Washington. We had Chinese dumplings for dinner,a tour of Seattle Harbor, a visit to a wild felid sanctuary and an up town winter festival with fake snow flowing off the roof tops.


ettling in with a full week of every other day 8 hours of general all around stuff that just needs done as they say around the camoground. Today was my second all disgusting nasuating encounter with the remnants of what must have been a painful bowl explosion. There can be no other explanation. The rest of the job is simple and fun. Especially watching how the others fill their time. Majority of mine is office work, of course.

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