Trek from north Dakota to coast of oregon

Being early November this may not have been a wise choice. With a new app in hand weather route and closely monitoring radar, I navigated some terrible weather and witnessed amazing scenery.


tart with gusting snow through both Dakota then through Montana mostly in the dark trying to gut it out knowing it would end. When the roads were ice and my hindend kept sliding I pulled off to sleep. The aftermath of the storm left a beautiful white winter blanket over green pine trees through Bozeman pass with rippling creeks and rivers along the way to the or beside still cold but sunny and flat for a while. The out crops of black rocks, apparently sink holes of old lava?


did take a stupid detour to look at a crater that ended up down a bunch of dirt roads.

There was another big mountain pass that did not have snow, but had fog. Blinding white thickness surrounding you as you creep down and up and around this mountain pass. Whew and white knuckles at the end.

I cannot express enough how amazing the views were. I hate driving at night, you miss to much.


Final rest stop stop for a night was in hood river. Tight. Very tight, dark uninviting really.

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