Sugarbeet harvest the highs and lows

The weather has been a bit inhospitable this year and from what I understand allowed for some unusual amounts of time for a group of mostly transient individuals to spend large amounts of time together that on a good year does not exist. The 12 hour work day one after another leaves very little time for more than eating and sleeping and bare essentials between shifts. Being a night shifter as I like to refer to our kind here in our often freezing tundra struggling to continue a night life during the unheard of week off, seven entire nights with no work. Learned to walk with no lights well and could navigate the extreme mud gravel frozen terane and rarely even miss a step. I did face plant however the very first night walking to the beet piler. my shoe laces literally wrapped from one shoe to the other and tripped me like a bad joke. Now 26 days later I can seen in the dark. I am almost scared to be blinded by the day light. I have rarely seen past morning and dusk sun for almost a month. I dont know about everyone else here, but sometimes i wonder if this is the vampires. It can feel a bit lost boys with the campfire clusters, music, and hoopla.

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