Death on the road

I now have not only lost my beloved Steve the great…Pyrenees, but the same week had also lost the one black and white show pony that I personally never named on the ranch. Well away for a week I just lost snowman the horse with cyst and breathing issue that was lovingly called Weezy. Never recovered fully. And we lost swaye. A literal bag of bones horse when I left. I do have to say I know I was the last person to sit on his back. The very first night I was on the ranch he was in the one decent stabeliss type stucture and I climbed up the railing and onto his back. No saddle or anything. He was not comfortable at all. He just stood there . I could barely sit all the way up and not hit my head. It was the first and only I ever rode by myself. Not sure Just standing there classifies, but to me it did.

Finally I lost my old girl Carly 17 year old black lab mix. I’m gonna cry… ..

Farwell to those wonderful beings I was so honored to get to know.



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