First full shift of unbeetable harvest

Well from the stories you hear as hear say or from the mouth of a timers, I had NOOOOOO idea what to expect.  Over dressed but actually pretty comfortable.  Literally layered my ass off and the coat situation was ridiculous with the 30 year old almost bird watcher grey jean material jacket over a wool pea coat to top it all off.  I was warm and yet not too warm even when we did some work.  Which the work, I expect to be a little if not a lot more strenuous in nights to come.  We didn’t clean the pilers yet, we start that tomorrow.  All good though with my trusty earlier inhabitants of a more vintage style winne then mine neighbor couple who I ride over with because no matter who told you it is not true you can not under any circumstances ride bike or walk to work.  Well there goes my 2 wheeling lifestyle expect I dont drive I ride 😀 with the here before mentioned neighbors . It would be extremely dangerous.  It was pretty dangerous as it was with the walking just around on the grounds.  Which brings me to the hard hat.  I will definitely will be seen on tonight’s shift.  Just think lights.  I was told I can do with it what I want.  And safety first!   Being seen has to be the most important thing and at night even with reflectors you might get run over.  It would have been nice if my first night of work wasn’t my very first interaction in the field.  One step behind.  I actually said to someone with a white hardhat I am learning starting with how to shovel.


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