2 and a half months on the horse sanctuary

Loving every minute of it. Bonded with amazing animals. Lanced a bowling ball size boil on a horse the second day. I’ve pulled a thorn out of a hoof and soaked the hoof in a bucket of water and epsom salt for a week till he stopped limping. Cared for a hurt shoulder on another. Fed musinex to one that still weezes. Found a dead pony and watched it decompose and disappear after only 11 days. Lost my dog to one of the trucks that barreled up our gravel road a couple weeks ago and also witnessed his decomposition and disappearance. I will forever miss my dog Steve. Hiked the property every other day to check on the 9 horses that stay in the back. Found amazing mushrooms, wild flowers, turtles, tarantula and huge garden spiders. Found three snakes in total, none rattled. Spent many days just talking to the horses and donkeys as I have been the only one here. Originally promised company of two other women, my only visitors were the farrier john and the feed girl Wendy whom only came 3 times each. I found the bone remains of multiple cattle that once roamed this property. I journalled most days and I am now passing the torch to Rodger tomorrow. I feel lucky to have had this amazing experience as the train whistles past as I write as if to say safe travels we will see you again soon!


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