The reality of the sanctuary

Honestly when I answered this add, just like almost everything in my  life, I dreamed a little dream of what I thought I was getting myself into.  Up until now I have been fairly safe in my escapades with the RV.    The answering of the add on the work kamp website I had been told about was my first attempt to “jump in” .  If I am going to do this I need to do it.  I reluctantly bailed on a hosting position at a state park just before I took this position.  Living among wild horses at a sanctuary in north Texas sounded so interesting as opposed to rescued horses living wild on a horse ranch.  While both are desirable, the latter is what i ended up with.  The reality.  Almost a month in, I am actually really enjoying it.  More like ranch hand work.  Of course what exactly would my job have been if I were just working at a wild horse sanctuary.  One of my objectives and the owners is to keep these guys tame and feed them grains to keep them friendly.

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