Living on the two wheeler, Bike that is…

I have not setup the rv to trailer a car yet.   I left my car in West Virginia could be the name of a song :D.  Well the sanctuary or ranch as some call it, is 6 miles from a walmart and about 1 1/2 miles to the first gas station.  The town itself is about 3 miles then you start seeing things literally right and left.  Then the cutest little back country texas historic downtown railroad town you can imagine.  Well seems like the perfect bike worthy location.  I suppose if I had a great bike, like a runner, its the bike not my lack of physicality.  Which honestly I haven’t been in bike shape in a long time.  I road a ton as a child and could ride for days.  My sister and I would ride all the way up to Walmart, ha I still do that, from our rural house between tupelo and saltiolo.  yeah where??


I now am biking full time.  I read a blog of some guy doing this a long time ago.  Giving up his car and only biking.  At that time, I could not imagine , but now I just have to have a damn good reason to go to town.  Dog food will get me there before I need people food.  I have finally quit almost all of my vices.   I drink tea.


It is a full two weeks, maybe three, amazing how quick I loose track of time day and week, anyway; of biking and I here is the quick rundown of progress.

First time out, barely made it to the first intersection and gave up and went home.

second went to closest truck stop restaurant.  Not impressed and not that exhausted.

third time all the way to town, to walmart and back with back bag and barely made it back walked up hills at the end wanted to die.

forth time out got a trailer rode to farm store/market and pretty much back and did pretty good.  Did run in to a strange man who said it was illegal to ride bikes in the town of Bowie.  I have seen NO evidence of this and find the thought ludicrous!!

I will eventually get in shape I hope 😀


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