Grand Isle Mayor’s Party

The hospitality on this island just never seems to end.  Alone for the holidays one of the repeat residents in the marina told me about the mayor’s Christmas party.  He says every one on the island is invited and it is free food and drinks for all.  So the night arrives and of course I haven no one to go with, showing up alone is always interesting.   I met so many interesting people from the door to the end of the night.  The music was amazing, reminds me of the old time be bop music and 12 inch distance dancing my mother used to talk about when she would go to a sock hop.  No bumping and grinding, some how the simple things still seem to be the best things in life.  I left with sore feet, rubbery legs and a few new friends.  I did however find out it is actually an invitation only party that I may have inadvertently crashed, but it was worth it!!!

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